So in July last year, I took the plunge and opened a store on TPT.

I had been selling (and not selling) resources over on TES, the British Teacher Resource platform, but the sales were few and far between. Enough to motivate me to make more resources but not enough to pay a bill or anything actually useful haha. Then TES changed it’s commission levels in December, meaning my commission has dropped considerably as I was a new seller without a good sales record yet. I had just got to being a Gold seller and then had to drop back to Bronze – ouch! (Thanks a lot, TES, you suck!).

So I looked around and happened across TPT – OH how I WISH I had found this site years ago when I was busy spending hundreds of hours over on CafePress!! So I took the plunge, loaded up a few products (poorly designed and lacking decent covers) and some poor kind souls out there took pity on me and bought them, and Hey Presto – I’m a TPT addict. Straight in the veins. What do you know.

So a basic Snapshot for you – I sold all of $2.34 in my first month on TPT – the highest sale being 0.80c in a day haha. Nice!! So I was looking at the site and umming and ahhing over going with the premium shop (everyone says ‘Go ahead, do it’!) – so I went ahead and did it, and things haven’t looked back. Just celebrated earning my first $1000 on TPT at the start of this month 🙂 (Bought a weekend away for the family in March – exciting!)

If you’re interested in more of my TPT journey, I’m happy to share – just let me know! Don’t mind being open about the hows and whats, if anyone cares! And LOVE hearing other people’s stats and comparisons.. if you want to join in and share 🙂