So it’s St Paddy’s day on the 17th, and if you aren’t going to dress up in green and head down to the local for some silliness, at least the kids can have a bit of fun! I’ve been scouting around for what we’ll do in the next few days, and I’ve found a few fun things:

1. St Patrick’s Day Number Puzzles – these are great for counting and kids put the puzzles together using the numbers at the bottom. 10 different cute puzzles to choose from, and also offered with times tables or skip counting to suit older kids. (PreK- Year 2)

St Patricks Day Puzzles Cover

2. I thought these looked delicious from Two Sisters – I was looking at a green custard trifle which looked awesome but in the too hard basket – these yummy cookies are right up my alley though! (I imagine the kids will just pick all the M&Ms off)


3. St Patrick’s Day Bingo – the littles love a bingo game, and this one is full of cute pots of gold and leprechauns. Lots of game boards to choose from.

St Patricks Day Bingo Cover

4. These cute hats which look easy enough – I think I have some paper plates somewhere, and I can see the kids prancing about in these all loud and proud! 🙂 from Meaningful Mama

st pats hats


5. St Patrick’s Poetry Writing Pack – this one is for older kids, but lots of fun getting creative (Years 6-10)

St Patricks Day Poetry Writing COVER

And that should do us nicely!

Top ‘o the morning to ye! 🙂

I’ll leave you with this from Incredible Joy 🙂

irish blessing