June 2022

Te Reo Maori Resources for New Zealand Classrooms!

A collection of fun games and activities to deepen understanding and expand vocabulary in Te Reo Maori for New Zealand classrooms.

Bible Games for Kids!

Need a quick Christian Craft idea or Bible game for your kids! Check out this collection of Bible activities for kids.

Motivating Positive Behavior with Classroom Rewards

A lot of research suggests that classroom rewards are no longer a valid tool for the classroom. How can I use them in a positive way to achieve student success?

Summer Games and Activities for Kids

Need some Summer ideas to build family bonds and create connections? Here are the best things to plan in this Summer..

How to Study a Film with High School Students

How do I tackle a film study with High School students? This easy guide will help you.


Buying teaching resources from someone else to save time and effort used to be an idea met with haughty opinions and comments about laziness, but no longer. Now they are an important and necessary part of teacher survival and success.

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