Came across this the other day on good ole’ Facebook – by Steve Biddulph – drills down to TIME. Pretty simple really, and we all know it, but so guilty of being busy busy busy and not making that oh-so-important time that the kids crave and need so much.

Scary point – children spend more time on screens than interacting with their parents. Sobering thought – how many hours have I REALLY sat down and just played and talked and pretended with the kids, instead of expecting them to play nicely NEAR me while I do the washing, cleaning, cooking..  a great reminder to be purposeful about this mummy business – make it count. Take the time. Meet their needs. Great article!

The Key to Happy Kids! – by Steve Biddulph

Ideas for spending more time with the kiddies in a face-to-face, meaningfully interactive way today:

  • Read a book together
  • Play a board game
  • Make a craft or colour together
  • Have a picnic
  • Play some dramatic play games – let them sell you ice creams, post your letters, or be a vet to the stuffed toys
  • Write letters or make videos for grandparents and cousins
  • Look through photos and watch videos of when they were smaller
  • Learn skills – throw, catch, ride, jump, balance, tumble, skip, hula – whatever!
  • Find a ‘kid’ survey and ask them the questions
  • Build a fort, put up a tent, make a cubby
  • Go for a bike ride, scooter ride, walk to the park, outing to the beach
  • Have a coffee date
  • Build with blocks or lego
  • Get out the hot glue gun and let them go crazy (my kid love this!)
  • Take mattresses or blankets outside and create a cosy hangout in the sun (or shade)
  • Bake something
  • and of course, ask them! They usually have some crazy thing they want to do lol…

The bottom line is that my kids are happy when I just hang out with them. I know this, but it can be so easy to let them be busy and get busy with my own things – without really spending that quality time with them that they so love and need. Be intentional!

So. Off to hang with the kids. Have a great day!

X Anna from Tea4Teacher.



Some dramatic play sets for you! Such a fun way to hang out together, making up stories and learning social skills!