So the big day is over.. yay for mummy 😉 and Little Man had a great day.. so was a huge success! Even when I try to keep things simple it feels like it grows.. but anyway.. he’s happy, so mum’s happy. He even assured me he’d sleep in his bed ALL night because he’s ‘a big boy now..’ haha.. if only!

Anyway. We never really did an official rock hunt but we hid rocks and found the chocolate eggs at least 🙂

We had fish and chips for tea with a few friends in the park, after a little walk round the lake.. and then cut the cake and sang happy birthday.. the playground and the cousins kept the kids happy, and we found a few glow sticks for after it got dark. All in all we had fun, and it wasn’t too stressful!

Little Man was super stoked with his dinosaur cake which looked (and tasted!) fantastic – Thanks to Chick Cakes in Perth, Western Australia 🙂

One happy 3 year old. My, how fast we got here!! 🙂