So we bought a cow paddock. Literally. Not a tree in sight. So it’s a long way from here to the lovely tree-studded clipped grass meadow in my imagination πŸ™‚

So I decided to start with Rhubarb.

Why the hell rhubarb, you ask? I don’t know. Cos it was free? Lol. That’s about the size of it. A lady put an ad up on a local board and said she had rhubarb plants for $1, so I clicked and said I’d take them. (5 minutes later I googled rhubarb and found out the leaves are toxic to animals and people. Not so good. I guess I’ll have to put them where I think future sheep and animals won’t be. Still thinking about that. Hence the rhubarb plants still in a heap on the ground since this morning when I dragged them out of the boot of the car. LOL).

The lady who gave me the plants also gave me HEAPS of loose rhubarb stalks, so I cut them all up and cleaned them and put them back on the advertising site lol (on a different board so the lovely lady who gave it all to me doesn’t see). And two ladies came today and picked up bags of rhubarb. And two of the 6 plants, so that’s good too πŸ™‚ Lol.

I did make a rhubarb, plum and apple crumble. Bloody good too. So I guess all is not lost. I made it last night and it’s still sitting in the oven as I’ve got no space in the fridge and I forgot to offer it round at dessert time. Doing well. Gold star to me.

But the big boon of it all is that the rhubarb lady also walked me all around her shed (looks just like ours – they just got started 4 years ago so I got a good idea of what I could accomplish in that amount of time), and showed me all the plants she’s put in etc. And gave me about 8 flowering cherry trees – woop woop – super excited about those. Well worth taking the rhubarb to get them haha. So they are planted (as opposed to the poor rhubarb plants) and I’m crossing my fingers that they survive the move.

So. A great start to neighbourly country living. Perhaps next time I’ll be slightly more discerning as to what I choose. Mind you, you never know what else you might pick up along the way πŸ™‚