My son loves a new challenge and I don’t have endless dollars for expensive toys. So off to Pinterest and Google I go! hehe. So many wonderfully creative people out there making such a huge variety of great resources for kids.

Here are the things I have printed out in the last week to laminate and add to the activities box for my 3 year old son. (3 on the 3rd of April!)

Dinosaur I-Spy (and heaps of other great I-spy games – I also printed: sports / bugs / popsicles / pirates / circus! … Little Man loves finding stuff and he’s quite good at it)



Shapes Tracing Sheet (He can trace the lines with any old texta which I wipe off with cheap nail polish 🙂  I also printed some letter-tracing sheets from this site)




Letter Find Sheet (I’ve decided he can handle letters now – he can sing the alphabet song! – and so I’m going to start on A-E for the next month or two and see how he goes.) We will stick stickers over the letters, not paint them.


Click to access abcletterfindupperlower-3dinosaurs.pdf


If you don’t mind signing up to a site for resources, I found quite a few good ones on the site Teacher Pay Teachers (just sign up for free and search for free resources!) Warning – there are so many great resources on here that you may be convinced to part with some cash for them.. lol. You were warned! One user is called Lavinia Pop – she does some amazing stuff (no I don’t know her!!)

I downloaded this

Alphabet Phonics Letter B 

There were so many pages in the download, but I just chose a few that  I thought suit where LM is at. Now I want to buy the whole set!! argh!


Find and Colour Letter Items (I haven’t tried anything like this with LM yet, so we’ll see how it goes. Depends on if he can name the items in the pictures!)

snip pics.PNG

(Thanksgiving Colour Find and Colour)