Everyone’s starting to think about thinking about Christmas.. I’m sure we’re all putting it off as long as possible, but all know, once the crazy train starts – there’s no getting off till the end of the line!! haha.

Anyway – I just love the atmosphere at Christmas, and my kids are still young enough to look at everything in wonder and amazement, so that makes it even more fun to see their faces light up. We love going to see the Christmas lights in the local area, we visit a Christmas store and choose a special decoration, I like to do an advent calendar where they unwrap books (which have sat in a box since last year, LOL) and decorations for the tree (yes, and chocolate). And do loads of activities using my Advent Calendar I made a couple of years ago as an activity guide 🙂

I also get out our printable games and add to the stash each year – they LOVE playing with paper dolls – our glass sliding doors and windows get covered in jumbled Christmas stories and happenings with the Gingerbread men, Frosty the Snowman and Christmas Paper Doll sets. And they stay busy while I cook and plan gifts haha. Win!

Here are some of the cute Paper Dolls sets you’ll find over at Tea4Teacher!

Another thing we love to play are the fun Bingo Games 🙂 The kids love the Christmas Bingo Game as well as the Winter Bingo Game!

If you’re having a few families over at yours for Christmas, or you’re looking for a fun classroom game to play with the kids – the Christmas Quiz is a fun, five-round game – with answers (all ready to play!) – that everyone is sure to love. Available in Easy or Medium difficulty levels!

For Preschool to Year 1-2 students, the Number puzzles are a fun challenge – and you can use them either with counting 1-20, 11-20 OR for skip-counting practice! Very versatile. For little kids, 1 puzzle is great, and for more confident kids (Age 5-6) give them 2 puzzles and let them sort out which is which!

Our Christmas Poetry Writing Pack is one of our biggest sellers – kids love writing the 10 different poems and using the cute Christmas paper to write them on! A great challenge for Middle School to Lower Secondary kids.

Christmas Poetry Writing Packet

And, again, if the kids are driving you mad with a couple of bad habits – or you just need a bit more cooperation in the leadup the Christmas, our Reward Systems are super motivational! Kids earn tokens to go on their token board – you can choose 3, 5, or 10 tokens and can instantly see their progress.

Of course, there are these and whole lot more to find over at Tea4Teacher – drop by and check out all the grat things I’ve been busy creating to save you time and effort 🙂

All the best for a wonderful festive season!

xx Anna @ Tea4Teacher 🙂