My little girl is struggling with her colours, and it has come to my attention that I have been Bad Mummy on this front – so I duly went off to hunt for fun activities that I could do with her to strengthen her knowledge. For my son, I once had a little colour-matching game where he had to put the right colour ladybug on the matching leaf, and he thought it was awesome. It was just a simple little game with 6 colours, and that was enough for a start. I decided to make up something along the same lines of my own.

  1. First up were some very simple PreK Colour Matching Games – there are 5 in the pack, and they involve – putting the teddy bears on matching circles, putting the diamonds on matching pouches, and matching t-shirts with matching hangers. The great thing about these is that you can use as few or as many of the coloured items as you like, and so can make it simpler or harder for your little person. colour matching games

2. Next up I found this super-cute and hands-on little threading/wrapping activity over at Laughing Kids Learn – I know C will love this one and get into wrapping it all around the world.


3. Inspired by the first one, I made another colour resource – Colour Sorting – more involved than the simpler games, and added images, shapes, and some stars to count. Each colour has 10 objects or shapes that the child needs to sort into the different categories. I played this with with L & C a couple of days ago (again, using only 4 colours to keep it simple at the start) and they both enjoyed it. We talked about the different items and where to put them, and I could see that C was enjoying discussing items and sometimes pretending to put them in the wrong place to get a reaction πŸ™‚

4. This great gross motor skills game which C will love to jump around to do – over at Sara J Creations – you print them out on big sheets, and they have to hop to whichever shapes or colours you call out. Fun! πŸ™‚

Shapes colours find and hop

5. And lastly, this fun Shape Game & Posters for PreK kiddies, where you laminate and stick on the shapes with velcro dots – C loves this one and enjoys ripping off all the shapes to start again. Great for both shapes and colours πŸ™‚

Shapes Game & Posters

So hopefully in a little while, I’ll be able to say C is confident with her shapes and colours! That’s the goal πŸ™‚ Regular playing should get us there. Having fun and learning at the same time πŸ™‚