This booklet walks students through the nitty gritty of essay writing. It is 20 pages in length, including a cover and can simply be copied off for each student. Very handy.

Booklet includes sections on:
Steps of text response essay writing
Key words used in essay questions
Annotated examples of an introduction, a body paragraph and a conclusion
A planning grid

How to quote & connect
A template for writing a draft essay

This booklet is aimed at preparing students for text response essay writing in English. Suitable for students in Years 10 & 11, aged 14 & 15. Perfect for Australian and New Zealand students. Could also be used elsewhere. They can use it to write an essay in response to any book, poem or film. The same format has been successfully used for essay writing in Australia and New Zealand. It is based on the TEECL format of Topic Sentence, Example, Explanation and Concluding thought for each body paragraph. πŸ™‚

essay writing booklet pic

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