I love getting the kids out to local parks, but it does frustrate me sitting around near a playground for ages and not actually getting to walk around and see things, so rock hunting is a great way to motivate the kids to enjoy all the area has to offer. Even if you walk from tree to tree instead of along the path 🙂

We went down to a local park and looked for rocks and hid a container of our own. Of course, it ended in a wallow in the stream, and I didn’t have a change of clothing for him, but oh well!

I painted these rocks with nail polish, which i think is the prettiest way to do it. Kids love finding shiny or glittery rocks. We’ve done a few in acrylic paints but it’s just without that lovely shimmer 🙂 We also like to stick stickers on and put glue and glitter over the top to seal them on.

Get out and explore your local parks! Borrow some kids, if you have to! Or even enjoy it without kids – quite a few people round here like painting the rocks, so they do that and just hide them for the kids to find. A nice creative hobby that doesn’t end up with shelves full of dust-catchers 🙂