Some cool dinosaur things I’ve come across and liked on my way to planning Little Man’s upcoming birthday… 🙂

I’ve decided I’m going with navy blue and metallic green, and some leaves. I’ve got a white tablecloth with leaves, green and blue plates, blue cups, and balloons. I’m a big believer in decorating one area (usually where the cake is) and having all the photos there, and not spending too much time trying to make everything look in ‘theme’.

And a few plastic dinosaurs which I’ll paint green or blue and put on the table.

And I bought about 5 $1 sticker sheets – I’m thinking a dinosaur & rock treasure ‘hunt’ with stickers on the rocks hid around the park (we love rock-hunting!) and some little plastic dinosaurs to find too.

A heap of excellent dinosaur-themed activities in a pack  from 3dinosaurs –

A few more free Dinosaur decor items – cute dinosaur blank for invitations:FF-Greetings-Island-Dinosaur-550x794


Free Dino Printable Colouring SheetThe-D-for-Dinosaur-a4

Dinosaur I-spy from

(Sorry about the double-up from the other day here!)free-printable-i-spy-game-for-kids-dinosaurs

Free Dino Decor – especially dino footprints

And I’m going to use the Easter Egg collage activity as a dinosaur egg letter hunt. Two in one! 🙂

Also I’ll have those speckled Easter eggs about and call them Dino eggs 🙂 Helpful that it’s Easter time!