So we’ve all, besides a savvy few who are way ahead, finally realised that ICT isn’t going to go away, and that if we’re not going to be ridiculously behind, we have to do some digital learning… here are some sites where you can find information, download resources, and be inspired:

Some of the best places to check out new technological developments and gadgets!

Engadget – Site for new products, reviews by independent know-it-alls, cool ideas.

Something to dream about having in your classroom..  Microsoft Surface Table Computer

Teaching – Related:

Creating a blog with Blogger, WordPress or Edublogs: How-to here

Smart Boards/ Interactive Whiteboards – Examples of Use Videos

FUSE – A website from the Victorian Government connecting students and teachers to interesting and engaging digital media and resources. CONNECT section where students can do anything from making music, to creating a digital storyboard or animation, to finding out how to build a website of their own. Check out  FUSE (Find, Use, Share) here.

Classroom Displays for digital student work – flatscreen idea?

Glogster – or EduGlogster – Digital poster-making sites where students can be really creative using digital images, clipart and word art. Good for collaborative class work. Example by EveryoneKnowsILoveYou.

Wiggio – create a group – a class group or a staff group or a reading group etc – and communicate to the group via this site. Has things like a calendar, to-do list, a group wall, a place to upload files and info, etc.

Spaaze – play with ideas and information using a virtual pin-board. Write information, add pics, move things around – great for planning an assignment or brainstorming ideas.

ToonDoo – create animations, cartoons or digital storyboards using this interactive website.

Prezi – like powerpoint, this program allows you to create visual presentations, but is very flexible and allows a lot more in terms of presentation style and digital freedom. Very exciting development of the older idea. Kids create their presentation online and access when they want to present it. No more losing assignments!

GoAnimate – kids can make their own animated movies online.