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Recipe: Rhubarb Crumble

Even better when half the ingredients are given to you by someone... makes it taste better 😉 Rhubarb Crumble: Stew together 6-8 big stalks of rhubarb, slicely finely / 4 large apples, peeled and chopped / 8 or so plums,... Continue Reading →

21 Days of Gratitude.. 20

20. Sleeping In.... before we had kids, I thought nothing of sleeping till 10.30. Pfft, it was a normal weekend! But in the post-children-apocolypse, sleep-ins are a thing of the fondly remembered child-free past. At the moment, my son is... Continue Reading →

Animals are Friends, not Food..

You'd think I was a diehard vegan with that title, wouldn't you? Sadly, even though I was brought up a vegetarian, I'm only just now getting back on this bandwagon which should have been my ride all along. Half-heartedly. I... Continue Reading →

21 Days of Gratitude.. 19

19. Small Group.. This year a small groups of friends have agreed to meet once a week and chat about life, God, struggles and achievements. We've only been meeting since the start of this year and already I feel incredibly... Continue Reading →

21 Days of Gratitude.. 18

18. Good health... having had a few scares, I know how very fast life can change when your health is suddenly in question. Having just been cleared yesterday of some girly issues which I won't go into today, I'm feeling... Continue Reading →

21 Days of Gratitude.. 17

17. A wonderfully cute little boy... my little man is as 'redhead' and headstrong as they come. We tried to make him sleep in the first year of his life and he resisted. I've never heard so much screaming in... Continue Reading →

Wise Words..

21 Days of Gratitude.. 13

13. People who offer to take photos... as the person who's always behind the camera, I very much appreciate people who stop and offer to include me in the images for once. I'm so rarely in the picture myself that... Continue Reading →

21 Days of Gratitude.. 12

12. Fly Spray... yes, sorry world - I am contributing to the ozone depletion one aerosol can at a time.. I know it.. But living in a shed with two huge roller doors open most of the time.. well, there... Continue Reading →

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