Welcome to Repeat After Me.Mum and Bub 2.1

Join me in my pursuit of a beautiful life. My journey is multi-faceted and full of ups and downs, like everyone’s, but as I hit my forties I feel a strong need to settle down, dig in, enjoy moments, and love life. Appreciate the huge blessings I’ve been given. Entrust the things I can’t control to God. And make of my short life what I can – finding beauty wherever I can and sharing it with others.

I’m an Australian who married a Kiwi, currently living in the beautiful Tauranga, New Zealand – the pick of spots in the Long White Cloud 🙂 We love it here – such a beautiful mix of city and country – the beach so close, the iconic Mount for weekend walks, the hot pools – what’s not to love?

My little man is currently about 3 years old, and full of beans & character. I have a little girl who is just on 15 months old, getting willful and independent and covered in food. Being the best mum I can be to them without going insane is a priority.

I hope you enjoy sharing my journey with me – I’d love any advice or ideas you have along the way 🙂

Have a great day!