So I had a teacher report back that she is using my bingo games each week in such a cool and creative way 🙂 She sends out one bingo card to each student, and at the end of the week via zoom, they play bingo together! So much fun for a little time investment. I was so excited to hear that teachers where doing their best to make learning fun and super interactive even over the internet! (of course they are!) What a great idea for all the distance learning everyone is undertaking at the moment.

I have 40+ fun and super cute Bingo games in my store – so choose a theme, grab a game from my TPT store and play this week! I’d love to see pictures if you do! 🙂 Just use the hashtag #tea4teacher 🙂 or my handle on Instagram @tea4teacher! 🙂

Plenty more to choose from too! Enjoy 🙂

**EDIT – I have just finished updating some of the seasonal Bingo games – the following games now come with 2 designs PLUS files with individual images of Game Boards which can easily be sent out to students so you can play Bingo together via Zoom.

These are the games completed so far (and I will continue to update the others over the next year)…

  • Christmas Bingo
  • Winter Bingo
  • Thanksgiving Bingo
  • Fall Bingo
  • Autumn Bingo
  • Fairytales Bingo &
  • Space Bingo! 

All the best from Anna @ Tea4Teacher! 🙂