Took the kids to see this fantastic show last week – such a great window into the workings of a real farm in New Zealand and injected with plenty of humour. The show is up first, and they bring out every kind of sheep that has mattered from the dawn of time, followed by dogs that bark ferociously at them as they unconcernedly fall asleep on their podium positions. Then they shear a sheep, which has my kids riveted and my son concerned about taking it ALL off!? And some fun facts such as the way a sheep’s fat under the skin doubles in thickness in the 48 hours after it has been shorn.. who knew? More barking dogs, lambs and alpaca babies to be bottle fed, a chance to pat the sheep, a visit to the baby animals nursery to cuddle and pet.Then we headed outside and got on the farm tour – big trailers of seats pulled behind a tractor which took us all around the farm to feed the sheep, alpacas, pick feijoas and taste local kiwifruit juice and honey, and see deer, lazy pigs and all kinds of cows. So much fun for the kids getting up and down to feed the animals, who are very interested in the food given and very happy to be given attention.Lots of people left afterwards for other attractions, but we hung about and sat in the gardens, went to see the donkeys, and take some silly pictures before heading home.Well worth a trip down for the kiddies! 🙂