We went across to Hamilton last weekend to see the Zuru Nightglow – if you’re ever in New Zealand, come at the end of March and see this cool event! They float about in hot air balloons all week, landing here and there to let the kids get up close and personal, and have markets, music, stalls – all sorts. Heaps of fun for the kids, and a very different experience for them to enjoy. The grand culmination of the week of balloon-y activities is the Nightglow – a fireworks-esque display where the balloons light up with shooting flames in time to a variety of fun music. People everywhere, not enough parking, lines up the wazoo – but still well worth it to see the kids dancing around with their glowing swords (yep, I got suckered) to the music and having a grand old time πŸ™‚

They had some new balloons this year – one of which was a huge Darth Vader mask – and they centred the show around him with some good old Star Wars storyline and music. Not my thing, but hubby tells me there was a poll online and more than 50% of people said they were totally into it. Craziness lol. Are you a huge fan? Am I just not cool enough? I must say it took me a looong time to get into Game of Thrones during it’s shining moment (decade) in the sun, and that was well worth it. Well, until everyone I knew died and then I kinda lost interest a bit.. sorry, diehards. Oh I am making myself unpopular today, aren’t I. Lol.

Back to the balloons – heaps of fun! πŸ™‚



I had to get out the Vehicles Bingo for the kids today – it was the only one featuring a hot air balloon!! I’ll have to work on that for next year πŸ™‚ If your littlies would like it, click through and grab it from my store πŸ™‚

bingo vehicles