SO. Finally decided to get a cat – you know, living in the country and all. So let me introduce you to the newest ginger in the family (husband says he’s collecting gingers!):



Aaand.. perhaps we should have waited a little longer. We’re having to put a LOT of effort into saving the cat from Little Miss 2 (who we thought would be the kind and gentle one HAHA). All she wants to do is carry the darn thing here, carry the darn thing there, carry it back again. Any kind patting and stroking done following much encouragement is quickly followed by a pull or a poke that undoes all the kindness. Golly. Did not see that coming. Poor cat. I must say he’s being very good about it all. And then goes under the caravan to hide when he’s had enough of being lugged about.

It’s a funny, smothering, suffocating, controlling kinda love, that’s for sure!!