Super stoked to see work starting on the retaining wall around the big bank behind the shed.. looking forward to seeing the end of the messy, muddy, crumbly, dangerous bank.

Too many times I’ve had to drag the kids away from its crumbly fun-ness in the name of safety and helicopter parenting.. and finally, I’ll be able to forget about it and let them run wild outside. Glory be! Hehe..

So of course the weather decided to be wet and miserable which is not helpful at all, but the guys have made good progress.. amazing how fast things happen when you get a digger in to speed things up!

Big posts ready in their ridiculously deep holes (only lost one thong down a hole.. retrieved prior to covering by helpful workmen hehe.. at least it wasn’t a kid – might have posed more of a challenge..) and boards dumped with a resounding thump off the back of a tipper truck ready to go tomorrow. Awesome. Looking forward to seeing it completed!!

And not so long later….

Just love me some speedy progress!!!

They got it to this stage and now the whole place is a mud pit while the rain buckets down.. It just needs planks to cover the joints.. and the house fence to be completed. Looks awesome. Can’t wait! Go away rain!!