So it was a long time coming, but we got the carpet down and moved into the finished flat about 6 weeks ago. Things have been so very muddled and busy and crazy but finally we have some semblance of order and routine and life feels normal again.

The flat has turned out very nicely – the double glazing and insulation keep it toasty warm, and it’s a total sun-trap, so we rarely need the heat pump on during the day even though the weather has turned mid- winter overnight. I slipped and hurt my knee on our front step last week as it was covered in ice! Sigh.. but inside we are all good.

The kitchen is small but functional, I do get tired of continually clearing things off the small bench area so I can cook or prep food, but it’s liveable. I’d prefer a black benchtop but for now we’ve decided to stick with the ugly free one that came with our secondhand kitchen… one day! We are back to enjoying real food again and I’m having to start acknowledging there’s no excuse to eat poorly anymore haha.

We sealed all the walls with clear varnish and added some pops of black to break it up.. we were initially going to do white walls, but we’ve decided we like the wooden, cosy look, so kept it. We had black double blinds installed and I try to keep it monochrome on all the fittings so it stays funky. Pretty happy with how it has turned out! 🙂

Crazy how you can do some pie-in-the-sky drawings on paper and people come along and build it and make it a reality. Amazing.