Super excited that the building part of the flat is almost done.. I’ve been ringing carpet guys and getting quotes.. and I’m hoping it’s done and down by the time the kids and I get back from Perth!

And then comes the never-ending process of moving in and getting organised. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve moved the same crap to a new location within the shed because an area needed clearing for building, or whatever. So. Many. Times. And now I can move into the flat and some things at least can stay put in their new and final destination! Shock horror!! Awesome. (..and then comes the next job of reorganising, rehashing, downsizing, re-boxing, de-cluttering, re-homing.. but we won’t think about that! I’m just looking forward to having an actual bedroom with actual walls and an actual wardrobe. Cool.

Some current pics of the shed..

Next stop: new carpet!!

Repeat After Me: If you work at things and wait long enough, they will eventually get finished! 🙂