So another freebie tree found on the internet was dragged to the shed. Poor bastard. It left it’s dignity and came naked of any dirt at all – not even a smudge – ‘pruned’ (read: massacred) and heartlessly dragged out of the earth by 2 men, a 2 year-old and one enthusiastically digging dog, and bumped home naked in the trailer without a care in the world (for it).

And so now it stands on the bank above the shed, desperately trying to survive, with a few greenish leaves which are curled and browning at the edges, in amongst the knee-high weeds and grasses which are the only things thriving on this property right now.

I’ve got quite an affection for that crab-apple tree. It feels like me. I wanted to be here, sure. But I had no idea what it would really be like, and now, together, we are doing our best to survive. And feeling like if we can just make it to the next season, where there is a bedroom with working lights and a door, a heat pump for warm days or cool nights, windows and doors to keep out the bugs, a kitchen and a proper sink, bench space, a real oven, cupboards for crap.. oh how grand life will be! 🙂

Come on crab-apple tree. You need to make it. For my sake if not your own. I’m rooting for you.. lol. 😉