So I actually planted the rhubarb today 🙂

Big movement!! Also put in 5 of the cherry trees so at least I feel like they won’t all just die in pots 😉

Doesn’t look like much.. but one day!!

Update on the rhubarb: I’ve had decidedly different reactions to the ole’ rhubarb – one lady told me she wasn’t allowed to plant it in her garden as her husband insisted it was a weed and needed to be sprayed with weedkiller (I didn’t tell her I got it free from someone else, brought it here and JUST planted it, lol). And the next guy remarked, ‘Oh, my favourite plant’ and when I looked at him sideways trying to gauge if he was serious or not, he launched into a very Bubba-esque list of rhubarb goodies.. rhubarb crumble, rhubarb and icecream, stewed rhubarb and apple.. rhubarb and shrimp.. hehe..

Update on the cherry trees: They are looking decidedly sad and I’m not sure they are going to pull through. But they’re on their own!