I get it.

You thought I was infringing on your road rights.

I turned too soon at a tight intersection and cut the corner a little. Maybe a third of the lane. You were at least 60 metres away, but you still took great offense to my turn. I saw you coming. I knew you were too far away for me to be in your way. I’d be well round the corner when I passed you. But you were offended.

I was wrong. But you weren’t right.

You drive with one arm out the window. Is that for ease of pulling fingers and making rude gestures? Is it so you can lean your nasty expression out the window for better offender viewing? It doesn’t make you right, even if you’re in the right. It made you look small and petty, and oversensitive.

I hope it didn’t ruin the rest of your day. You didn’t ruin mine. I shrugged you off. You disappointed me. But you were right, so I took it on the chin and moved on. I just hope you don’t go through life taking offense at every little thing. That would make life hard.

Have a nice day.