The most exciting part of the building the shed has been watching the flat area get underway. It’s moving slowly, but it’s coming along. At first it was just a wall dividing that area off from the rest of the shed, but then suddenly the downstairs rooms were framed and mezzanine floor went up, and we could finally see things coming to life.

I think it must be amazing to be a builder. You make something where there was nothing and in the end it’s substantial and standing right in front of you, and you made it. That’s pretty damn cool. And you change people’s lives in a fairly short space of time. they had no house – they have a house. They had no walls, now there are walls. Being a teacher, most of what I do is in people’s heads and it’s pretty hard to quantify. Sure, I might have a kid say they like my class, or they might come back years later and say they are following in my footsteps – but the majority of the time you do your best and hope you are having the right impact. Not so with buildings!!

Anyway. So the flat started with a mezzanine floor, and the two rooms below. As you can see, we have a bedroom underneath next to the bathroom. Then the dining and kitchen will be under the overhanging roof section, and then a lounge area which is open up to the roof of the shed to give a feeling of space.

We made the ceiling on the kid’s bedrooms strong enough to be used as a mezzanine storage area, and at first it was all just one large area looking down onto the shed.

And then the stairs went in and changed the look of everything. Suddenly it felt more like a house than a building site!


So. Next is batting and lining all the walls, and then we can start the real business – putting the rest of kitchen so I can get back to a bit of normal life 🙂 SO looking forward to that part!! 🙂 I’ll let you know when we’re making progress!!