So I’ve mentioned a few times that we are living in a shed. Let me show you around.

This was not a dream of mine, to live in a shed. And I must say I have struggled with some aspects of it, being a bit of a prissy non-camper sook 🙂 Still, I have survived 3 months of it now, and some parts have even grown on me – shocker!

So. How did we get here??

Despite all argument, husband had to have the biggest shed you could legally build on a small (4 acre) plot of residential land. 10m x 20m. It sounds big, but when you see all our crap, you’ll understand 🙂 A quarter of that was going to be a small flat to live in, but as we went on and plans changed, the flat part got bigger and the shed part got smaller, to husband’s dismay. We added a further 2 bedrooms outside the flat in the shed for the kids, so technically it’s now a 4 bedroom shed flat. Lol. Oh well, no room for the trailer.

The shed went up really fast at the start. We bought a kitset shed from a shed supplier, and found our own concreter (saved about 5 grand on concrete) and our own builder to put it up (saved about 15 grand on building.) It was more hassle to organise it ourselves but we need to save where we can so we can actually build a house one day 🙂

On the inside, we started with just the bathroom (immediate needs!!) and then went on from there..


The next thing was a wall dividing the shed area from the flat area, and then 2 rooms for the kids (initially we slept in a marquee that we surrounded with sides and divided with tarps so it would be dark enough for the kids to go to sleep!! Those first couple of weeks were ROUGH. We were meant to have those rooms ready when we moved in, but it just didn’t happen. Was NOT fun, but we survived.

At the moment, the flat is still in progress, (will show you the flat in my next post!) and while I see a kitchen in my near future, it’s still a way off being completed (sigh). I was so sure it would all be done by the end of February, but nope. Never mind, I’m off to Perth soon for a while, so hopefully we can move in when I get back. That would be nice. That would be very nice. Maybe I shouldn’t hold my breath though…

Repeat after me: this too shall pass!