21. A Forgiving God… I take for granted how very much I need forgiveness for on a daily basis. Sitting around thinking about all I’ve done wrong and how much I need to improve is.. frankly.. depressing. It’s a lot easier to push the blame onto others, justify actions or words chosen in anger or impatience, allow yourself to ignore what’s going on in your own life and focus on what’s going on with others.

But that doesn’t allow me to give credit where it’s due. God made me, He died for me, He forgave me and continues to forgive me – His mercy for me is new every morning. And Thank God for that because I stuff up daily. Far out, you’d think I’d be getting more right at this age –  I certainly thought I would be twenty years ago.. but.. well… life gets in the way. I get in my way.

What a huge blessing that He is a God who pursues us and wants to keep ‘fulfilling the work He has started in us.’ Amen to that today 🙂