20. Sleeping In…. before we had kids, I thought nothing of sleeping till 10.30. Pfft, it was a normal weekend! But in the post-children-apocolypse, sleep-ins are a thing of the fondly remembered child-free past.

At the moment, my son is insisting on waking up at 6.15am and I hate it. I am SO not a morning person – anything before 7am is just shocker. I know, I know, some of you will be early risers and thinking I’m a drama queen. Quite possibly true. All I know is that my husband is sleeping in the shed with the kids, and I’m currently having a reprieve – sleeping outside in the caravan. That means when Mr Wake-up-at-stupid-oclock gets up in the dark, he goes to Daddy and climbs in bed with him, not me – and I get an extra hour of sleep. SO loving that this week. Thanks Daddy!!!! 🙂 Super grateful.