15. Digital Cameras… I was the photo lady long before everyone had a little rectangle point-and-shoot. And then smart phones evolved and suddenly everyone’s a photographer, and I’m riding the wave.. still pointing and clicking with reckless abandon.

But I do love how, these days, you really can just click away and take a many pics as you like. Hundreds. Thousands. Back in the day of film, you had to wait and see.. in case a better photo opportunity came up. And if you missed it, you missed out. You had to justify your shots and choose wisely so you didn’t have to pay 15.95 for a whole roll of one thing.

Not any more. Take as many as you like, and you can delete half of them later if you want. So freeing. I do end up with thousands of photos and I don’t delete enough of them, but I love that I can take as many as I like without a care in the world.

Thank you, Digital Age 🙂