14. Organisers.. some people are just natural organisers – they think up grand ideas, put things into action, invite others, sort out details, play host or hostess, make sure everyone has fun, amd often clean up afterward.

And some come along for the ride. Nice!

I’m usually an organiser, but with 2 little kids, life now has routines and restrictions that don’t always suit everyone else. So now more than ever, I appreciate those in my circle of friends and family who make an effort to include us and organise things that we can just turn up to and leave when we have to. It won’t be forever, but right now, we say no more than we say yes, and lots of our grand plans come to nought when a kids comes down sick or we get no sleep and can’t be bothered.

So here’s to those wonderful people out there who pick up the slack for the rest of us and make things happen. Life is so much more fun because of you!