13. People who offer to take photos… as the person who’s always behind the camera, I very much appreciate people who stop and offer to include me in the images for once.

I’m so rarely in the picture myself that sometimes I think my kids will think I wasn’t there! And as much as I feel imperfect in photos, overweight, perhaps not dressed stylishly, maybe not posing prettily, bad hair, whatever – later, I look back on those photos and often think that I didn’t look as bad as I thought I did, and I like being able to track myself through life no matter how I was looking at the time. And my kids will be able to do the same, and see that I was integral in their childhood experiences and activities.

So even if it feels strange, if you see a family out together, offer to take a family pic! It’s almost always very welcome and appreciated. Just don’t bugger off with the camera… it’s poor form 😉