11. Time out.. with two kiddies under 3, time out is a bit of a scarcity round here at the moment. My son has decided he no longer needs naps during the day, and in fact if he does nap, even for half an hour, he’s up till 10 which kills any downtime we might have been looking forward to in the evening.

Soo… I hang out for days when my son is in care and my daughter has a nap, and then I get a couple of precious hours to do my own thing.. so nice! I know, I know – these are the best days of my life and all that stuff – but frankly, I’m someone who needs to be alone sometimes or I’m just not very nice to be around. It’s in everyone’s best interest for me to enjoy time alone so that I can enjoy time together as well.

And today, Sunday, hubby took the kids out for a couple of hours in the afternoon so I could have a break. Love that man! Extra breaks are like gold round here. Someone deserves some extra lovin’ 😉 .. maybe after I watch then next Dynasty episode… or the one after that… or.. zzzzz