8. Technology.. living as we are in glorified camping conditions.. I appreciate each appliance I have access to. The first things we hooked up when we arrived at the shed (after the fridge and freezer of course) were the washing machine and the… dishwasher. Does that make me soft?!? Haha. Absolutely. I can’t stand washing up! What a sad sack. lol. But will I give up my dishwasher? Hell no.

I cooked on a gas camp cooktop for 6 weeks.. and I’ve now moved up to an electric cooktop with TWO heating rings.. bliss!! I can cook 2 things at the same time! Groundbreaking.

But one of the best things in the shed is my benchtop oven. I like to pretend I’m doing home cooking by buying frozen or baked items that I can throw in the oven and heat up in the oven. It’s tiny, it’s basic, but it works a treat. Best 40 buck impulse buy from the auction house ever.

I’m gagging for the day when I have a fully functioning kitchen again (such a softy, as husband puts it), but I’m grateful for these gadgets making life liveable in our current bit-rough situation.