3. Special Days With My Son… I am lucky to have enough dollars in the bank to be able to send my daughter to care one day a week so that I can spend a special day with my son.

It ws hard on my firstborn when my daughter was born, and he was still very young, just 19 months. We had our kids close as we started the kid thing a bit late. And he very much struggled to come to terms with the new bundle who took up so much of mum and dad’s time.

So our day together is my gift to him, once a week. We go to the marina and wander about looking at the cool boats. We go to the air museum and climb all over the planes and helicopters. We go to the animal park and pat all the friendly creatures. We go the beach and play in the sand and make sandcastles. We go the mall and have milkshakes and ride on all the play cars and the Thomas train. We go the library and read books and listen to storytime. We go to the airport and drink hot drinks while we watch all the people and the planes coming and going. We go to the pool and run around under the waterfall fountains.

We do whatever makes his little almost three-year-old heart happy.

And we both love it. Me because the ease of having only one child to move about, feed and entertain feels SO easy with the oldest one, and him because he gets his ‘mummy fix’ and one-on-one time that he craves. And he usually talks happily or sings to himself all the way home. Makes mummy’s heart happy too 🙂