2. A Cute Strong-willed Little Girl… my daughter is fantastically and frighteningly stubborn. She’s 15 months going on 15 years. Attitude plus. Super cute – although I often turn to my husband and say, ‘You know this is not going to be so cute when she’s 7, aye.”

She’s got hardly any words but plenty of point and screech. She’s all about food. She loves her dolly. She wants to be involved in everything, and muscles in even if she wasn’t invited. She’s determined as. She’s got a super-cute giggle, and and angelic smile – but you have to work for it. And she’s all about Daddy, which works for mummy too 🙂

She was born a month early after serious heart arythmias. A routine checkup ended in a day at the hospital having tests, ended in a week of freaking out, hoping my baby’s heart didn’t stop in utero, ended in a drive to Auckland to see the bigwigs, ended in an emergency c-section. A week in NICU. Test after test. And finally, after all that – a daughter whose heart came right and was pronounced healthy and of no further interest to the cardio experts. There are no words for the debt of gratitude we owe for the health of our little girl. Thank you God 🙂