Getting outside and moving really is one of the best ways to gain a little perspective on life. It makes such a difference to my mental state!

The air is fresh, the trees are green, the sky is..whatever the sky is.. and I’m out of the house forgetting all about the to-do list, the dirty dishes, the work on the desk, the messy toys, the pile of laundry, and the crying witching-hour baby – thanks to hubby. It’s just me, a list of good tunes, and a much-needed rush of endorphins 🙂 Bliss. You can’t tell me that ain’t therapy.

I’m still overweight. I’m still struggling to get any control over my eating. I’m still disliking all my clothing as I’m in the stretchy wear-what-fits frumpy wardrobe. But I’ve started the exercise, and the rest will follow. I just need to do my 5 walks this week. That’s my one single goal for myself. House, husband, kids – whatever. I’m allowed to do one thing for myself. Each walk gets me closer to my goal of feeling good about myself again, and that’s something to be proud of.

So, repeat after me: start with one goal, and choose the one that’s going to make the most difference to your mindset. Get off your ass and out the door 😉