One key to me being able to lose weight is doing at least 5 lots of decent exercise in a week.  When I was slim, I found that only 3 good sessions was enough to maintain, but to lose, I have to exercise more days than not. I guess it makes sense, you have to be doing the right thing more often than not!

I also find, that when I’m really unmotivated to start losing again (Ie every time).. if I start by focusing on the exercise, the motivation to eat well will follow. Maybe not immediately, but if I’m consistent, it always follows. All I have to do to get back in the bandwagon, and what I’m focusing on this week, is getting my ass off the couch and out for a walk or a gardening session at least 5 times. The motivation will come: as I repeat it, I will feel more like doing my daily walk.  The intensity will come: as I repeat it, I will feel more like going faster and harder. I just need to get up, get out, and create the habit.

So. Repeat after me: get off my ass and out to exercise at least 5 times this week!