Soo. I am currently 35 weeks in my second pregnancy.. so we’ve only got about 5 weeks to go now, little girl due technically on the 24th of Nov, but am having some trouble with gestational diabetes, won the lotto on that one with 4% of the pregnant population, lucky me, so am having to be very good with my diet and things and inject myself with insulin etc.. not much fun. At first I really did think it was the end of the world, and had to go have a diabetes clinic appointment at the hospital where they told me I’d have to eat a low carb, low sugar diet, and prick my finger to test my blood glucose levels 6 times per day till they knew how bad things were. Wasn’t very happy at the end of that appointment.

So i dutifully went home, ate salad and veggies, and pricked my fingers, only to see some unwelcome patterns in my bloods that basically included high fasting glucose levels (First thing in the morning, your blood sugars should be low, but mine were consistently over the limits set by the powers that be, even though all I was doing was sleep.) So.. joy.. the lovely ladies at the clinic told me that there was nothing i could do about overnight levels – pregnant bodies make most of their preggie hormones at night, and my body just wasn’t coping with the pregnancy. So i had to start insulin shots. I know, I’m a big wuss, but when they showed me how to inject myself there were plenty of tears – I hate needles! – and over the next few days I took deep breaths and steeled myself to push that damned needle in, but slowly the fear wore off, and now I do my shots like a good girl each night.

I think mainly it was the hump of having to do it at all! I just wanted to sit on the couch like a sloth and eat cake and get fat like so many other pregnant women, and eating rabbit food and injecting myself on a nightly basis didn’t exactly feature in my slovenly plans.

I’m also really hoping that I don’t end up with Type 2 as a parting gift from this pregnancy, but there’s about a 50/50 chance I’ll get it (if I don’t simply continue to have it after the birth) within a few years with my risk factors and all (being an older mum, being technically obese, and having Diabetes in the family) so lucky me! NOT feeling happy about that part! I have to lose significant weight right after the birth to lower the chances. I know, it’s technically a good thing, but I’m well aware how hard that will be since I put on 10kgs after my son was born.. Cos you know, sleeplessness and breastfeeding (provided i can this time) aren’t enough to deal with on their own… Anyhow.

It may also mean that I get induced early to keep little girl out of danger – I’ve got a raft of medical appointments on the 4th of Nov to decide if they are going to get her out early or not. So we shall see. One way or another as long as we both get through it, I guess it’s not the end of the world, but i was kinda hoping to have a natural birth like last time.. and the more they interfere the more likely I’ll just end up getting her c’d out. so that sucks, but i guess it’s too early to stress about that yet. The joys!! But if there is anyone else out there who has just been diagnosed with GD and is freaking out as much as I did, take heart, in a month or so you’ll be feeling a lot more comfortable with things again. It doesn’t have to ruin your enjoyment of your pregnancy and it IS something that you can deal with. I’m a huge wuss and I am managing. So take heart xx And I guess we do this one step at a time 🙂20161015_094728