OMG. Currently trying to stay sane and not leap to the rescue of my cute little cuddly boy as he stands at the end of his cot closest to the door, screaming his guts out. I feel like SUCH a bitch. But it’s been such a long time coming. He’s 10 months in 3 days, and he’s been waking us up 4-8 times per night since the day he was born. He’s 11.25 kgs, so he’s a porker, he doesn’t eat much on the night feeds, and he just LOVES a cuddle. But mummy and daddy need some consistent sleep again.

SOOOO many people have looked at me like I’m insane when I say I still get up to him umpteen times per night. I get flat-out disapproval when I admit I’m still feeding him twice (I get 3-4 hours sleep after a feed, whereas I get him waking every hour without them). And I constantly have (well-meaning, I guess, but it doesn’t often feel like it) pushy family members going, ‘ he should be sleeping through the night, you’re just pandering to him. Let him cry and he’ll get the idea.’

WELL – here I am bossy bootses – listening to my little man scream.. we’re going on 15 mins right now. Whole-hearted screaming. This better freaking work or I’m going to punch the next person who tells me to let him scream. Ok, maybe not punch, but certainly tell them to shove their advice. The only thing making me stay in this seat is knowing that others have done it and succeeded, or else so many people wouldn’t give this advice. Right?? It’s got to be worth it in the end. It better be. This sucks.

I’ve been doing it during the day leading up to this joyous night. He takes anywhere between 10 mins to 1.45 hours to calm down and finally lie down and go to sleep. He’s not used to it, and this is his first time in the dark. Sigh. feeling horrible. 25 mins and counting. Looong way to go yet…