I’ve worked out one of my keys to staying on track for the day.

Tracking is imperative – I’ve tracked every day for over 6 months now… but it’s when I do it that really counts – I sit and write down my points for during the day while I eat breaky. Then I go off and usually stick to it pretty well. But sometimes I eat unexpected things, or have a few too many points on snacks, and if I don’t track those when I get home, inevitably I’ll be over my points by the end of the night.

So the key –for me – is tracking before I make dinner. If I know what I’ve had for the day and I work out how many points I’ve got left for the day, I’m so much more likely to keep to my points for the day. I can choose a dinner that suits what I’ve got left, and I can have or not have snacks or treats based on it.

Anyhoo. For me who’s coming out of a 4-week slide, it’s good to find these keys. I’m back at my 10kgs and hoping this move to ProPoints doesn’t change the trend as my sneaky WI was high this morning – but then that happens at least once a week so I’m learning to ignore it..

Would love to know what your keys are – got any gems for me? xx