Vegetable-Colours-whiteGawsh, well I put this one off as long as I could, but I’m finally into giving my son solids, and he generally loves it. Problem is, I’m in a rut already. A couple of weeks in. Ha.

He loves his pumpkin, sweet potato and carrot. He hated rice cereal till I laced it with honey and pear, but then it plugged him up for 13 days, so that was the end of that. So on the ole mother-in-laws suggestion I started him on some oatmeal and pear, but when that didn’t work, I rang a community nurse who gave me heaps of good advice on how to get him pooping again and also happened to mention that oatmeal will plug him up more as his tummy isn’t ready for it till about 9 months. Joy. Too many rookie mistakes here!! So I started him on stewed prunes and pear, which he seemed to love for the first 3 days then turned his nose up at for the next week. Aaaaand, that’s about where I’m at.

In my other post I mentioned that I’m avoiding a whole raft of foods because they make dear son burp, fart and screech till all hours with tummy cramps, so I am not game to try feeding those things directly to him (seeing the miniscule amount he gets through breastmilk is enough push him off the normal wagon..) So. No broccoli, cauliflower, onions, leek, cabbage, lentils, beans, legumes, chocolate flavours or anything with caffeine (easy for baby but not for mummy!!) Cuts down my veg options a bit, which is annoying, as it’s all the cheap ones.

So I went off to look for new food ideas.

My friend and I came up with the idea to make coloured mixes of veggies for every day eating:

(And yes I know some of these are technically fruit, but I’m sticking with sweet vs savoury!! 🙂 )

Green Mix – Zucchini, Spinach, Beans & Peas, Bok Choi (for her, Cabbage & Broccoli as well)

Yellow – Capsicum, Squash, Corn,

White Mix – Parsnip, Potato, Yams, White Sweet Potato, Taro, Mushrooms (for her, Cauliflower)

Orange Mix – Carrot, Pumpkin, Sweet Potato (for her, onion)

Purple Mix – Eggplant, beetroot, turnip (Red Cabbage or Caulif for her)

Red – Capsicum, Tomato

And also some coloured fruit mixes:

Green – Green Apple, Kiwifruit,

Orange – Mandarin Oranges, Peaches, Nectarines,

White – Pear, Lychees, Coconut, Custard Apple,

Yellow – Pineapple, Banana, Mango

Red – Strawberries, Cherries, Raspberries, Cranberries

Purple – Blueberries, Prunes,  Figs, Grapes (no skin), Mulberries, Plums

I would have liked to add melons, but I don’t think they’d stew/mush up well for the freezer. I’m all into making a big batch and freezing some for another day. Why do more work than you have to??!!

So. We’ll see how I go. Want to try the green veggies mix first, or veggies other than orange at least, because my little man is going to turn orange soon!!

Repeat After Me: I will not end up feeding my child yoghurt at every meal instead of getting him to try healthy veggies and fruit 🙂