This whole losing weight thing is really crazy.

You get fat with your head in the sand, your life on autopilot and your will lying on the couch whining, ‘I can’t do it.’ Your clothes get tight, so you buy bigger ones and ignore the tags, or cut them off. You feel like crap from all the junk you eat, and you tell yourself ‘I’m treating myself’ and ‘I deserve it.’ You start being embarrassed about how you look in photos so you refuse to be in them or hide behind the camera. You feel uncomfortable and start noticing that people don’t look you in the eye as much, don’t smile at you as much. You start putting up walls and telling yourself that if they are judging the book by it’s cover, then they haven’t got the right to read it. You socialise less. You start to feel like the one on the outside of the group, whether it’s true or not. You start to see things differently, more negatively. You console yourself by eating more and ignoring what you’re doing to yourself – focussing instead on what others are doing to you. Everything becomes their fault, you pass the blame on to anyone but the one person who can do something about it. You feel helpless and worthless and weak.

Wow. It’s certainly a long way down.

And then…

You finally realise that nothing’s going to change unless you change it. It might have taken a long time to work it out, but you finally get to the place where you are ready to do something about it, ready to admit the habits that have been running your life need to change. You start to take some action and the more action you take, the more powerful you feel. Each positive change opens the way for more actions, more processes. You start feeling better about life, about your place in the world, even if the weight is coming off slowly. You begin to realise that you always had the ability to change things, you just didn’t give yourself enough credit. You make some good habits, and these carry you through a few tough spots where you really doubt yourself, and then you come out the other side feeling like you’ve proven to yourself that you have a little ‘stickability.’ It feels good. You start to look at other areas of your life – your relationships, your workplace, your attitudes. And once the weight finally starts coming off, whether fast or slow, you start to see physical evidence of your journey.

If you still think this is all about numbers on a scale, you’re dreaming. This is so much bigger than that.

I for one am stoked about what I’m seeing in my life. I really hope you’re feeling the same way. 🙂