Well, change is underway, and one thing that’s changing substantially round here is my exercise routine! For about 5 years I’ve been a half-hearted she’ll be right, 3-times-a-week-on-a-good-week, walk-round-the-block kind of gal. And it’s gotten me, ooh, nowhere. Except fatter. And I’ve been doing the whole stupidity-is-doing-the-same-thing-over-and-over-again-and-expecting-a-different-result – that’s me to a t! I want results without any real changes.shoes

But looking back over my diary of the last 15 weeks or so, I suddenly realised that in the last 10 weeks, I’ve only had one week where I did 3 lots of exercise- the rest have been 4 and 5 times, mostly 5x’s, and last week I did a 6x! And yes, I know for those of you that are doing your religious 30 mins a day, you are going, well, hello – but for me, this is a big deal :). It means my habits are actually changing. It means I am actually getting somewhere this time. And even though I haven’t had any losses for a bit, the good habits I HAVE committed to have been benefitting me along the way, which is plain to see as I’ve not put it all back on, and I’m proud of that.

Anyhoo, in the spirit of moving forward, thanks to the inspiration of Karen and Lucy who can juggle kids and running with a pram – I have decided to do C25K. Took me about 14 weeks to come round to the idea, but I’m finally here. Arhgh! Excited! I did my first day today – and while I sweated, I didn’t drown in it, and while I puffed, I didn’t feel like dying – and felt really good afterwards! Talk about a super high!! Just a bit nervous about it getting harder – but i guess that’s the whole point of building up!

The real kicker? I was reading my Andrew Cate book this morning, feeling slightly unmotivated to start this journey, and it just seemed like every page was going, Anna – get off your butt!! “Your body will be more willing to remove stored fat if you have a kilojoule deficit more often than not …more than 50% of the time” – ie 5-7 times per week for 30-60 minutes” NOT 3x per week :). And the punchline: “ “For fat/weight loss”, slow jogging and fast walking are ‘very high’ on the effective scale, and “slow jogging burns the most kilojoules.”

For me, all roads lead to Rome, and that road leads to c25k.

Repeat After Me: Stop being a pansy and be brave enough to make some real changes! 🙂 Wish me luck!