Feeling great this week! Lost 1.3 last week, which I think is a direct result of C25K and if it keeps going, I’ll be a runner for life!! He he. Was worried about my knee being a bit sore after my runs, but I guess as I run more it will strengthen, plus every kilo I lose makes it easier for the poor old joints to hold up. 🙂 So I did Day 1 of Week 2 this week. I did find it more difficult than Week 1 (duh), but felt like I could handle it, and even did one extra run for good measure. I’m a record-a-holic, so I religiously write down my times, distances and calories burnt for each workout in my WW diary, and I love watching the calories & distances go up! Very satisfying.

One thought I’ve been thinking this week (B1) is that I’ve often felt sorry for myself that I have to struggle with this stuff while others seems to float through life without ever worrying about their weight. I’d blame the people at work for bringing cake, the restaurant for not offering low fat options, my husband for eating in my general proximity… and by blaming everyone else, avoid taking full responsibility for my own actions. I’d often go well for a week, feel hard done by with all that effort I was putting in, and then stuff up all my good work by ‘rewarding’ myself for a job well done. Back to square one. SO counter-productive!! I always resented denying myself that thing I wanted when I’d been working hard, or dealing with a lot of stress, or feeling like things were difficult. But it has to stop if I am going to succeed!

So it’s a slow & gradual move from ‘poor me’ to ‘I deserve better.’ And at the end of the day, after I feel sorry for myself, and winge, and cry, and get angry and resentful, I calm down – and I’m still fat. Feeling sorry for myself only wastes more time and gets me no closer to my goal. And I have also come to realise that the only person I can count on to get things done is me. My hubby says he’ll help, but he might actually BE helpful once or twice a week –that’s not going to get a lot done. Other people might give momentary support, or timely reminders, which is great, but the only person who can make the daily choices that make this work, is me. The only person who can stop me hiding behind these excuses and achieve success for me, is me. So I can’t focus on what I’m giving up, but what I’m gaining by not doing the things I used to. And right now, I’m gaining a lot of confidence through this C25K thing!

So: Repeat After Me: stop indulging the ‘poor me’ attitude and get on with taking positive steps that actually help me deal with my problem!!

So people, if you hear me winge, tell me to shut up and go for a run!! 🙂