You can tell a lot about a person from what kind of cake they eat.

My mum eats those slices, like apple and rhubarb slice with crumbly stuff on top. She’s a people pleaser who was always a skinny girl, till she had kids. Then she did WW (100 years ago) and has been on the corner of healthy & fanatical ever since. They eat four-bean hotpots with tofu weekly. Mmmm. My dad eats those not-enough-sugar german pastries with poppy seeds in them. He’s always been the gruff unsympathetic type – ‘you’re putting on weight, your husband won’t love you.’ (thick german accent) He could do with a little more sugar. My sister, two kids, works in a hospital, eats those stick-a-flagpole-in-it-and-it’ll-stand-up caramel mudcakes you get from the cheesecake shop. She’s running a big department with lots of useless people, trying to lose weight, exercising regularly, and eating kfc regularly. My friend Peter, the weight-lifter, eats lemon meringue pie and has a drawer full of junk food in his office, but works out for 1.5 hrs at the gym each night. He’s a talker and drives too fast. My friend Kerry, mum of 2 lil kids, lives on the coast, eats banana bread. Homey, comforting, pleasing, not irritating to anyone, loves making people happy.

So my theory is that people pick the cake that suits their view of themselves. When I’m feeling good, I pick lemon lime pie, or an apple strudel. I went out this weekend and I picked a two-storey building of chocolate mousse with cream and chocolate on top. What does that say about me? He he 🙂 I mean, you’ve got to laugh, right? Here I am, doing my best to change my ways, and here is a massive blast from the past staring me in the face, and I can’t say no to it. Let alone say no, I order it with relish, I feel that twinge of excitement, or naughtiness, and I sit down and chow into it! Craziness. Have I learned nothing?

Anyhoo, I only got through half of it, but I still felt sick for the rest of the afternoon. Halfway through I was looking at my mum’s rhubarb crumble and coveting that light tastiness of something with fruit in it at least. I don’t know what it is in me that convinces me that I like big fat rich chocolate things. I really don’t. So why do I want it when I see it?

I really need to learn to look at food through new eyes – the food that makes me FEEL good, not the food that just LOOKS good and ends up making you feel crappy, grumpy, sick and ashamed of yourself. That’s not a reward! That’s not a treat! Golly gosh.

Food should make you feel good. And for that, you’d have to pick good food.


Anyhoo, Just my thought for the day..