So. Sleep Training. What a joy. (fingers down throat.)

So my little man was the baby who screamed the hospital down. The poor boy had a squashed head from being stuck in an unfavourable posterior position for hours, was forceped out HUNGRY – and sadly, it took time for the milk to come in. So he basically screamed for 3 days straight (and every night, all night for about 2 weeks.) No honeymoon period for this puppy.

Quite funny in hindsight. These super-nice and super-experience midwives would come in, take stock of the situation (me in helpless tears, baby in helpless tears, husband looking on helplessly) and go, ‘Ok Love, now you let me take this little man out for a bit and you get some rest (exude confidence, look confident, sound confident and just a tiny bit condescending (in the nicest way possible) – huh, these young mums these days..tut tut). So I’d turn on a loud fan, stick my head under the fattest pillow, and listen to them struggling to comfort and quiet him as he screamed his way ceaselessly up and down the hallway. A few hours would pass, and in the end they’d bring him back, dripping with relief, going, ‘ Oh, Love, it’s time for his feed, here he is again!’ and quickly making for the door. Poor wee man.

All this while everyone else’s babies slept seemingly like angels and their new mums were walking up and down the corridor entertaining guests and enjoying their new progeny.  Sigh. A rough start.

Fast forward 6 months, and while we’ve got the hang of it a bit, and a lot of things have improved, he’s still waking up a lot during the night. Not too bad, mind, we’ve had a lovely sleep expert in who’s helped us get to 4-5 wake-ups per night between 7.30pm and 7am – instead of 6-10 (or more!), so that’s a start.

But I do wonder about going the whole hog and being a bit mean about sleep training. You know, the 5, 10, 20 minute thing where they basically cry themselves to sleep. Sigh. I really don’t WANT to do it, and I’m putting it off, but I do wonder if it’s the only option I have left up my sleeve at this point, having basically trial-and-errored everything else in the baby books. Happy days.

Getting just a little tired of my sister going, ‘What? Why did you do that? Why is he awake at that time??’ with that tone in her voice (HER kids slept through at 6 weeks..) when I say he woke at 12 and 3 and I fed him at 3am.. (an improvement in my mind!!). Maybe she’s right. Who knows.Baby sleeping smll

The only issue is that we’ve got a dummy, and as yet, our little man can’t put it back in himself (plus he’s been re-wrapped like last year’s Christmas paper, so he’s got no arms…) so it feels really mean to do cry-it-out knowing he can’t get his dummy back, knowing he has always had it to go to sleep thus far, knowing we tried to take it off him once before resulting in 5 straight days of screaming before we caved in and gave that sucker back. Sigh.

We shall see. I shall continue to sit on the soft side of the fence till I have the guts (or the desperation) to give it a go. Would appreciate any advice on this one! J