So I have this male friend at work, and he’s pretty cute (not the point – I’m married!) and he’s pretty buff (kind of the point – it’s nice to have some eye candy) and he used to be a competition weight-lifter (here is the point!). light bulb

So he’s got lots of advice for people who are trying to lose weight and change their body shape, and we’ve had some pretty interesting conversations. Most of his ideas I have not taken on board – being the habitual look-for-an-easy-solution-dieter 🙂

So – Peter’s tips: exercise in the morning (I hate mornings and if I work out in the morning I just feel like a blocked-sinussy-blob-of-snot for at least 20 mins – so haven’t taken that advice) – be a bit cold all the time to make your body work harder to keep you warm (ha ha – I’m far too molly coddled for that!) – have a big breaky and a small dinner (I never got into this one, I like a dinner that feels like a dinner!) – eat lots of protein and few carbs (having done Atkins before I just feel like it’s bad for the planet!) – and of course, the old eat 6 small meals a day (which I do but don’t do – I don’t have 6 equal meals but I do have regular snacks – he he – as if I wasn’t already doing that or something – do you really get fat by not snacking?? 🙂

Anyway, the one piece of advice he has given me which has made a huge difference was really not advice at all, more of a stern talking-to. I was winging and moaning that I was good at being good all week while in my work-week routine, but come weekends, I’d be right back where I started after a big weekend of lazing around, eating junk food, watching movies and blaming my skinny hubby for buying another shopping bag’s worth of potato chips and caramello chocolate (that’s right, a BAG) which of course I had absolutely no choice about eating. That’s a given.

Anyway, this day he mustn’t have been his normal, patient and understanding self, because he kind of looked at me with this, ‘well hello!?’ cynical look, and said, ‘Well, that’s why you’re not losing weight.’ And I was like, ‘but it’s harder on the weekend!’ And he challenged me straight up and was like, ‘that’s an excuse – you are giving yourself permission to fail on the weekend. Why don’t you think about it differently? There is no reason why weekends can’t be your strong point!’

And I was a bit taken aback, to be honest, but then I thought about it and realised that he was right – I need to make my weekends a strength instead of a weakness! So – my weekends have been quite different for about 5 weeks. I have done things like make sure we eat BEFORE we go out instead of getting into the lets-have-maccas-situation, and I try to exercise both days on the weekend with at least one day being something big – like a day walking round the city or a hike with hubby or a good couple of hours bike riding. I also try to go to the supermarket on Friday afternoon now instead of leaving it till Sunday, because part of the reason we always ate out was because there was nothing nice in the house worth eating! Now I buy some sliced meat and fresh bread and some deli picks etc – something yum to have ready to go on Saturday. I’ve worked out that if what I’ve got seems more interesting than Maccas then I’ll choose to eat it! (surprise!)

I honestly think that this one thing has a LOT to do with the fact that I am finally getting somewhere. I got to my 5kg’s today! And after losing 10kg last year (and then promptly chocking it back on), it doesn’t feel ground-breaking yet, but I think my attitude is different to it this time, and this time it’s for good – I’m sick of struggling with this!

So, Repeat After Me: when it comes to weekends – make them an opportunity to kick butt and don’t let excuses or lack of planning sabotage your good work! 🙂