So I’ve got the munchies. Big-time. I’m a big ball of munchies angst and I’m thinking seriously about getting the evil-snacks basket and throwing it over the balcony because that’s the only way I’m going to feel safe from it. Hubby came in minutes ago, innocently and affectionately chomping on a row of chocolate, and promptly high-tailed it back out amid blood-curdling screams (well, dirty looks and some choice words, anyway) – something to do with ‘chocolate breath’, ‘no more points’ and ‘inconsiderate beeps’. Not really his fault. Still, would I go wandering into a lion’s den with fifty fresh steaks strapped to my naked body? I think not. That would just be silly.

It’s all about work, of course. I’m smack in the middle of reports and marking and all the joys of teaching that come with the ten weeks of school holidays that non-teachers and parents harp on about with envy and derision, having no idea how often we dream of strapping tazers onto their not-so-innocent children to get them to sit still for just two blessed minutes (at which point, I’m sure they’d offer us another four mid-term weeks at least!). And they certainly haven’t factored in the already-tensed-up dieting teachers!! He he, now there’s a danger to society at large! Add one pinch of teenage angst, one pinch of you-can’t-tell-me-what-to-do, two pinches of talking back, thirteen cups of marking essays and one pinch of don’t-eat-that-you’ll-put-on-3-kilos-with-a-single-mouthful…. and you’ve got… well, certainly the munchies, anyway. Let’s just leave it at that. Hmm. A balanced dieting situation, I think not! 🙂

In the meantime, I’m looking for the lowest-point snacks that have the most bang for my buck. Got home tonight and hubby hadn’t started tea (surprise!) but had managed to boil some eggs as he had a craving, so I got into one of those and I have to say, a boiled egg is hard to beat. Get it!?!? Sorry, English teacher yolk, I mean joke. Very sad. I’ll stop. I’m overtired.

So: I’m thinking that after my snacking craze, I have come to some conclusions. High sugar snacks like choccy and evil biccies might satisfy my sweet craving but don’t shake off the munchies. Low fat snacks like WW biccies or bits of low fat cake don’t really satisfy the munchies but sometimes the sweet craving. Hot drinks, sweet as they can be, don’t satisfy the munchies if I’m really hungry, but they’re good for after dinner when you’re already satisfied and just want a kick. So my last but seemingly should-be-first resort seems to be the high fat but low point wonders – protein snacks. A boiled egg, a cute little red cheese, (no, I’m not superficial! Really, I like the actual cheese, not just the wrapping), a few slices of honey roasted ham, a handful of cashews. Or a couple of these together. Honestly, it’s these things that are keeping me from annihilating my points limit. I’ve got 3 types of nuts at my desk. Sad but true.

So: Repeat After Me: pay more attention to what kind of munchies I’ve got and try to pick the right snack for the moment so I don’t want to go back for more.

Anyhoo. If anyone’s got other ideas on snacking, I’m all ears, but for now, I’m just wishing for this week to be over so I can go back to a relatively normal level of munchie-mania.