So. Had a week on the Gold Coast, and while I started the week with every intention of making it a ripper for weight loss, by about 2 days in I realised how difficult that was going to be when I was pretty much buying every meal at cafes and restaurants!

I ate a lot of sushi, and I reckon if I’d been there another week I’d have been on a first-name basis with the lovely people at the sushi train across the road from my hotel in Broadbeach – was there 5 days and ate there 4 times – it was so good!! I have to say, there is no comparison between the little beautiful light morsels you get on the sushi lines versus the evil heavy logs you get in the food court 🙂 And very little guilt involved, so all good.

Of course, it didn’t end there – if it did, I wouldn’t have gained 500 grams 🙂 But all in all, I am happy with my week away, gain included. I walked a lot every day and made sure I had a good breakfast. I had lots of fruit and drank lots of water.

And if this was me a year ago, I’d have eaten chips and soft cheese at every opportunity, and as it was I only had chips once at the airport on the way home.

And even though I know it’s a bit counterproductive, I feel good for having a break from it all. I know that I’m creating a new lifestyle, and a new way of eating, and that any lapse feeds old habits, but at the same time, I’ve been watching what I eat for 14 weeks, and it is a constant battle, so it’s nice to have a few days off.

Still – for a few days off, I’ve gained that weight, so I’m not under any false illusions that I can keep indulging myself. Obviously my old habits are still there, right under the surface, and it’s going to take a lot longer to get rid of them completely.

I do feel quite gipped to think that I can put on the weight I’ve lost in a ¼ of the time it took me to lose it, but I think that’s just a fact of life I’m going to have to get over.

One thing that has helped me a bit with learning not to resent my ease of putting weight back on is something I saw on the Biggest Loser. There was that week when the trainers had to eat what the contestants ate – what they ate, when they ate it. And these guys just indulged themselves non-stop, the way I used to. And I thought to myself, this will be interesting, these trainers have fast metabolisms and lots of muscle and their bodies are ‘clean’, so surely they’ll deal with it quite well.

But on WI day, they both put on near 6 kilos! In one week! And it really hit home to me, that MOST people, even skinny people, eating like this, giving in to themselves regularly and indulging every craving, WILL put on weight fast.

I am normal.

Even these active and healthy people chock it on, eating the way I used to. And if I don’t want to be that person, I can’t have those eating habits.

So, yes, it was nice to have a week off, but I’m back to it today, and ready to get back to changing what needs changing around here.